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Play Jigsaw Puzzle online for free. Enjoy a stylish & modern version of timeless game. Play the game online or download for Mac™, Windows™, iOS, Linux™ or Android.

We've created a gameplay with with beautiful graphics and easy gameplay, that you'll instantly love. Laying puzzles have never been so enjoyable.

Jigsaw puzzle comes crammed with features. Shuffle the pieces, show a preview, toggle borders, toggle the sound, hide the time and much more under settings.

If it's your firs time playing puzzles online or you're unsure about the rules, please read the rules. If you’re still not sure whether this jigsaw game is for you, have a look at the features it has or see how it compares to other online jigsaw puzzle games.

It's our hope that you'll like this free online jigsaw puzzle game. If you do, please have a look at all the different puzzles you can play for free in this game.

Free download of Jigsaw Puzzle

Download this classic jigsaw puzzle game to your Windows™, Mac™, Linux™, Android or iOS. Always have the game on hand and download the jigsaw game below.

Jigsaw rules and guidelines: This is how you lay a jigsaw puzzle

How to start a game:

It's really all very simply. Click a collection from the main screen and then choose a puzzle to play from that collection. There are thousands of collections and even more puzzles, so there's many puzzles to choose from. Once you've done that, set the amount of pieces you want in that puzzle and then click "Start Puzzle". That will begin the puzzle.

Laying the puzzle:

Once you've started the puzzle, the pieces will be laid out all over the screen. You can now move the pieces around. Click and drag to move the pieces and right click a piece to rotate it. If two pieces fit together, they will "click" together and make a little sound. Once all the pieces are together and you've solved the puzzle and congratulations screen will be shown.

Jigsaw online review

The greatest puzzle game I’ve played online. It also works great on tablet and mobile!

Arnold Patton

Jigsaw online rating

It really is the greatest jigsaw game! A game that's worth playing.

Mary Christiansen

Features: This puzzle game is packed with features

You won't be able to find any other online jigsaw puzzles that are so ruch in features and Online Jigsaw Puzzle. Toggle the sound, show and hide edges, toggle the sound and much more under settings. If you want to play offline, you can always download the app.

Unlimited free game plays

Free and unlimited gameplays

Get free unlimited gameplays in both the offline and the online version of this jigsaw game.


Congrantulations when won

When you've won, you'll be shown a nice congratulations screen.

iOS and iPad ready

Mobile friendly

Our game is optimized for all screens and sizes. From the smallest mobile to the biggest desktop.

Beautiful design

Beautiful design

Enjoy these classic games in a beautiful design, with custom-made cards for mobile and desktop.

Ready for retina

We're ready for retine

All our puzzles are optimized for the retina screen. So when you're playing on iOS, your MacBook or other retina screens, everything will be looking crystal clear.

Lots of settings

Great settings

You'll have great control over settings in this game. Control in game settings and global settings from the top menu.

Compare: A comparison of online jigsaw puzzle games

We think we’ve made the greatest jigsaw puzzle game out there. Below you'll find a table, where you can see how this game compares to other jigsaw puzzle games. If you think this game is missing a feature that one of the other jigsaw games has, please write us.

Ever wondered if our puzzle game is better than Jigsaw Explorer or Jigzone? Now you can find out. Some of the more popular puzzle games out there are Jigsaw Planet, Free Jigsaw Puzzles and MSN free games, but even those don't stand a chance against this puzzle game.

Modern designDownload availableLots of optionsMobile friendlyTablet friendly
Online Jigsaw PuzzleYesYesYesYesYes
Jigsaw ExplorerNoNoNoNoNo
Free Jigsaw PuzzlesNoNoNoNoNo
Jigsaw PlanetNoNoNoNoNo
Buffalo GamesNoNoNoNoNo
Jigsaw Puzzles OnlineNoNoNoNoNo
AARP GamesNoNoNoNoNo
500 Piece Jigsaw PuzzlesNoNoNoNoNo
Daily Jigsaw PuzzleNoNoNoNoNo
MSN GamesNoNoNoNoNo

I finally have version of jigsaw game that works great on all sizes and devices.

Henrik Martinsen


Filled with options and the game has a great gameplay. The game really has it all and it’s free!

Henrietta Nielsen

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Are you ready to try a different puzzle game? Choose between many puzzle games and play a game with 10 pieces, 500 pieces or even 1000 pieces. If you're missing a featyre that we haven’t made yet, please write us.

Jigsaw game icon

Jigsaw Puzzle

This is one of the most popular versions of jigsaw online. You can choose between thousands of different puzzles to play from and you can play puzzle game with more than 1000 pieces.

Jigsaw Puzzle game

Contact: Please give us questions and feedback

We're always looking to improve the game, so if you have any questions, ideas or feedback, please let us know at [email protected]. We’re always glad to hear from you!.